The Bridegroom revealed!

Cousin Septimus and I drove slowly to Gloomy Grange: he on his motor bike, I squeezed into a side car designed for a  pint-sized woman.

Not the most dignified way to travel – I have never been so intimate with my knees before. And I was Unconvinced that Cousin Septimus has a license to drive this clapped-out thing.

We were shown into the drawing room by Smith, the corpulent manservant. He was much more welcoming to Cousin Septimus than he ever has been to yours truly. Tea was brought – and when have I ever been offered that? – and before long the Squire appeared, swaggering bumptiously into the room.

When he saw me, several emotions flickered across his face – shock, anguish, delight, fear, gloating, hate, lust, indigestion – all in one whole second. Of course, it may have been that his dentures had come loose.

I said nothing bar a polite ‘good afternoon.’ Cousin Septimus rattled along about the wedding plans.

Then Cousin Septimus said something I wasn’t expecting. ‘I believe we are to meet the prospective groom today?’ The Squire smiled.

‘The groom – and his blushing bride will be here shortly,’ the Squire said. I shuddered involuntarily at the thought of seeing Japonica

‘And here they are!’ The Squire proclaimed. I spun around. There was Japonica, as ravishing as on the night I met her. It must be said she looked much better without black-&-white stripey fur all over her face

I was so entranced by the beautous Japonica – in human form – that I failed to take in the man by her side…

‘May I introduce my daughter’s fiancé,’ the Squire said, with a triumphant sneer. I looked at the man by her side – it was Frognall!

To be continued…

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