The Black & White Wedding – the aftermath

Shell-shocked, we left the church and convened at the vicarage. Brandy was administered to Frognall & he was been put to bed. My step-daughter, Alison, was very tender towards him in his befuddled state, but no doubt he’ll get an earful from her tomorrow.

Mrs Mann rustled us up an excellent Liver Lasagne for supper. Cousin Septimus, divested of his ceremonial grab and back in his usual dog collar and moth-eaten corduroys, cracked open a bottle of something almost drinkable.

Over supper, I asked Cousin Septimus about the Nuns of Gavarone. In his youth he had been their spiritual mentor & trainer until an incident with a  If only I’d known that before, I would have asked for his advice re this whole bally mess earlier.

I wondered what would happen to Japonica. Apparently there is a Crypto-Zoo beneath the Vatican where she will be looked after and studied, perhaps cured if at all possible, then eventually stuffed and put on display when she finally pops her clogs.

As for the Squire, the villagers were chasing him out of town with flaming pitchforks at that very moment.


My stepdaughter couldn’t stop talking about the Nuns of Gavarone. She wished she could have joined them instead of her own convent. Cousin Septimus said their average lifesapna was very short. Girls would join the convent by the age of ten, spend the next five years training, but rarely lived beyond into their twenties.

I had never thought of my stepdaughter as being adventurous, quite the opposite.  But I suppose making her own way to Prentis Hancock revealed a nugget of hitherto-unseen spunk inside her. I asked her why she suddenly showed up like that. She just said she ‘had a hunch…’ Cousin Septimus gave me a theatrical wink. I didn’t know what it meant.

But finally  the nightmare is over. I didn’t get the wife I hoped for, but neither did I get nibbled to death by a Were -Badger. Once Frognall has pulled himself together, we will drive home to London.  I have books to write…

To be continued…

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