The Nuns of Gavarone – a short history

The story behind the Sisters of No Mercy…


The Nuns of Gavarone were formed in 972AD by Pope Innocent VIII (1484 –1492). He instigated severe measures against magicians and witches in Germany. In 1487, he confirmed Tomas de Torquemada as grand inquisitor of Spain, and was a strong supporter of the Spanish Inquisition.

While visiting a small poor convent in Italy in order to ‘hear the Nuns’ confessions,’ he and his retinue were attacked by a marauding gang of local vampires. The Nuns, accustomed to fending off these blood-thirsty villains, came to the rescue of His Holiness. In gratitude, he bestowed a new convent at Gavarone as a reward – with the proviso that their existence remained top secret, only known to each successive Pope and his closest advisors.

Ostensibly at the beck and call of the Pope, the Nuns would often work outside Vatican orthodoxy, depending on the views of the concomitant Mother Superior. Many accused witches were rescued from the fires by mysterious wimple-clad figures. Jews and alleged heretics too has cause to be grateful to the Nuns of Gavarone

Each chosen Sister, selected by the Nuns as they scoured convents of the world during their adventures, would be compelled to renounce family and friends, and sever all ties to the outside world. They would forego their original names. The average life-span of a Nun was not long; the few who survived until they were too old to fight, would become trainers and mentors to the next generation. The oldest would automatically become Mother Superior.

During World War II, the Nuns courted controversy by getting involved in the fight with the Nazis, in particular the Black Magic division of the SS, contrary to official (and unofficial) Vatican policy.

In the late 20th century the Nuns were under the leadership – spiritual and pragmatic – of their Mother Superior, Sister Scholastica. A fearsome woman, she drove them hard, expecting obedience and discipline of steel, with severe punishment for any Nun who disappointed her. She also had radical ideas, even recruiting a Buddhist nun in the shape of Sister Lotus.

But after Mother Superior was killed during a Trojan Demon attack on convent at Gavarone, the Vatican decided that such supernatural shenanigans had no part in a forward-thing Catholic Church for the 21st century.

So the Nuns of Gavarone were no more…


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